Thursday, 29 January 2009

John Martyn 1948 - 2009

The death of British folk singer John Martyn has just been announced. John's music was some of the most inventive music of the genré and it is a very sad loss. It isn't the right time to regale many of the many fantastic stories about John's rather full life so I'll leave you with this, John and his partner in music and crime Danny Thompson performing the timeless 'Solid Air'.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Roy Steers

On 30 December one of the unsung heroes of British jazz died aged 83. Roy Steers presented a jazz programme on BBC Radio Cornwall for many years. His show was heard not only in Cornwall but in Devon, Somerset and Dorset as well and was therefore the voice of jazz in the South West. For seven years my Dad worked with Roy on the show and went from reading the gig news to co-hosting and over the last 20 years became very good friends with Roy.

He had many musicians on his show and he'd ask them to choose the records that week. I was very surprised one day when down in Cornwall visiting my folks when he asked me if I'd like to go on and choose my favourites. Now I am no musician (although my Dad is) and I was amazed to be asked. I think Roy asked me because I am a jazz fan and relatively young compared to most of the jazzers in the area. I had a ball and I went on the show three more times.Any music fan dreams of being asked to compile lists of their favourite music and I can never thank Roy enough for giving me the opportunity of fulfilling at least one dream

Roy liked all types of jazz but had a great affection for Count Basie. This clip of Basie and Oscar Peterson playing 'Jumpin' At The Woodside' is for you Roy.

You were a lovely man and you will be missed by many, many people.