Thursday, 5 February 2009

Lux Interior 1946 - 2009

There have been quite a few tributes to Erick Lee Purkhiser aka Lux Interior since his death on 4 February but I feel that I should also add mine.

The Cramps were a great band and first captured my heart in about 1982. I loved to dance about to them at my local nightclub 'Crocs' in Rayleigh with my blogging mate over at Planet Mondo. I was a Psychobilly for a while and whilst a lot of my mates rated the more violent bands like The Meteors and the Guana Batz it was always the Cramps for me.

Lux was a great showman and he shall be sadly missed.


Piley said...

Geez, not been a good year already for music heroes has it??

I met Lux and Ivy in 1986 whilst wandering around Kensington Market. Believe it or not, some 60 mins earlier I had just bought the new Cramps album 'A Date With Elvis'... What were the chances of that??! I went up to them not knowing what to expect, but they were both SO friendly and chatty. We spoke for some 10-15 mins and the hapily signed my album as a lasting reminder.

A great frontman and a great guy. RIP Lux.


Planet Mondo said...

Classic clip - love Bryan Gregory's hair

They were everything you want from an underground band dirty, sleazy, home-made, full volume and fun..

Dig out your 3D glasses and Off The Bone - to have moment's flapping in trib' to Lux this weekend...

1. Human Fly
2. Way I Walk, The
3. Domino
4. Surfin' Bird
5. Lonesome Town
6. Garbageman
7. Fever
8. Drug Train
9. Love Me
10. I Can't Hardly Stand It
11. Goo Goo Muck
12. She Said
13. Crusher, The
14. Save It
15. New Kind of Kick
16. Uranium Rock
17. Good Taste