Monday, 20 October 2008

Damn Fine Old Record Monday # 1

Delilah Jones ~ The McGuire Sisters.

I must admit that I know nothing at all about this group. A quick trip over to Wikipedia, which to be fair isn't always the most accurate mine of information tells me that The McGuire Sisters were a trio of sisters, Christine, Dorothy and Phyllis, from Ohio who made records in the 1950's. In 2001 they were inducted into the National Broadcasting Hall of Fame in the USA.

Until recently I had never heard of them until I heard this great track.

I just love the orchestration on this record, the brass gives it such a sassy feel. Apparently this is a b-side (to a song called Picnic) and it was released in 1956. So now you know.


ib said...

Great song. But not quite as good as Julia Nones cover of "Build Me Up Buttercup" from a couple of posts back; I've long rated the Foundations' original version, but you're right - this is ace.

I just winged my way in here via Planet Mondo to see what was what. Very nice, indeed. Thanks for that link. That cheered me up almost as much as Julia's performance. I've added you to my 'honorary siblings' roll-call. Cheers!

marmiteboy said...

Thanks ib,

I must admit to being completely infactuated with Ms Nunes.

What a find.