Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Truely Great Julia Nunes.

I find it a bit surprising that the first proper post I do on this site is to champion someone who I only discovered today. I am a regular on The Word magazine blog and someone posted a video of a young woman from New York State who posts her own take on her favourite songs using a ukelele or a guitar.

What she does in bring loads of emthusiasm and a whole heap of talent. She doesn't take herself at all seriously despite having almost 50 000 subcribers to her You Tube site and her videos being watched well over a million times. (She coukld be the most famous person you have never heard of.

Here is her bloody marvellous version of Build Me Up Buttercup.

And here is her take on Destiny's Child.

Julia Nunes Official Site


Kippers said...

Never heard of her before but very impressed with that version of Build Me Up Buttercup. I especially love the bit where all those people spring up out of nowhere to shout their backing vocals!

marmiteboy said...

She's rather wondeful I think. She#s playing in London in January. At The Hope and Anchor no less.