Monday, 27 October 2008

Damn Fine Record Monday #2

I Only Have Eyes For You ~ The Flamingos

I remember this song being sung by Art Garfunkel in the late 70's. His version was typically over produced and polished but couldn't hide what a damn fine song it was. This version by The Flamingos would warm the cockles of even the coldest heart.

The song was originally recorded by Dick Powell in 1934 (a version I have not heard). The Flamingos a doo-wop group who hailed from Chicago, put this track down in 1959. It's rather gorgeous I reckon.

Some 40 years later The Flamingos received $250 000 after the song was used in a Coke commercial withoiut the bands permission.


Planet Mondo said...

The Art version's a bit sugary isn't it - this is a peach.

Kippers said...

Aye, lovely stuff. Never heard that version before actually. Cheers MMB.