Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A Bit Of Class.

There have been some truely great singers in popular music. Frank Sinatra could hold a tune like nobody else. Even when he was in his mid-seventies (when I was priviliged enough to see him live) he knew exactly how to sing a song to suit his range. I've always been a fan of Tony Bennett too. He is the singers singer, people like Sinatra often cited Bennett as the master. He certainly has found a whole new legion of fans after appearing at Glastonbury and performing an MTV Unplugged set in 1994.

However much a fan I am of this two gentlemen my favourite 'voice' belongs to Jack Jones. Both Sinatra and Bennett and the great Mel Tormé (a man with perfect pitch) rated US singer Jones very highly and with fans like that he must be something pretty special. He is someone who oozes cool and who found a sudden resurgence when the Easy Listening clubs of the mid-nineties started playing his version of Bacharach and David's 'Wives and Lovers', gorgeous slice of sixties crooning (with very dodgy lyrics about the little lady being there for her man).

This though is my favourite. Girl Talk.


Planet Mondo said...

Lummee I'd forgotten all about this tune - I can still hear the crackles from Mum and Dad's vinyl version.

Piley said...

S'a good tune that. Not sure why Jones is never reall spoken of in the same league as the heavyweights. His voice is great, but somehow his performances seem a bit cheesier than perhaps Sinatra or Bennett??

Good song tho!


Col said...

Ah man this takes me waaaaaaaaaaaay back to when I was a wee nipper sat leant up against the front of our old radiogram and my mum would be sipping a G&T and going through her record collection. Jack Jones, Andy Williams, Tony Bennet, FAS, Billie, Dusty, Chet, and then you had Englebert, Matthis, Tom Jones, Bassey et al. What golden memories. Cheers,