Saturday, 29 November 2008

Great Record # 1

Formed in Esex in 1975 Eddie and the Hotrods were at the fore front of the pre=punk Pub Rock movement along with fellow Essex boys Dr Feelgood and bands like Brinsley Schwartz and Graham Parker and the Rumour. To some at least the are sighted as having a major influence over the sound of British punk and who am I to argue. Indeed at a 1976 gig at the Marquee in London the Sex Pistols supported them.

They made some great r 'n' b tracks in their time (that'd be the good/proper r 'n'b not the shite put out by a myriad of bland soul singers) and wrote some amazing power pop tunes too. Their biggest hit was 'Do Anything You Wanna Do' which was co-written by Ed Hollis (brother of Talk Talk's Mark Hollis) and Graeme Douglas (who was originally a Kursaal Flyer). To me it is their finest moment.

I don't have many claims to fame but I did work with Graeme Douglas's Mum Doris when I was in my teens anmd early twenties.


Kippers said...

A great song indeed. I hadn't heard this song for donkey's years until it came out over the theatre P.A. speakers as we waited for Harry Hill to come onstage for a gig a few years ago, and I suddenly realised what I'd been missing.

Col said...

Oh yeah, I love this band, as indeed I loved those other bands you listed too. I was a junkie for E&THR, Dr. Feelgood, Kersals et all who all used to play the Marquee in the bygone days of the 70's. E&THR were the first 'proper' band I ever saw in a dingy pub in West London when you could go out for an evening with a fiver in your pocket, get shedded, see a live band, have a chinese and stil lhave plenty left for a cab home. Oh for the days when beer was 20p a pint. When our band Magic Ship headlined at the Halfmoon in Putney last month, E&TH were the band following us in the next night. I felt quite honored to be leaping about on the same stage as the great Barry Masters. 'Do Anything You Wanna Do' still manages to have a strange effect upon me. Even listening to it now I want to tell 'The Man' to fuck right off and go and change my job or something because I fancy a change. That song is an anthem for my generation and it'll remain so for as long as I live. Thanks for the sweet reminder that it's never to late to keep reminding ourselves that we don't have to stick anything if we don't want to. Right, I'm off to eBay to see if I can buy meself a Lambretta TV200 with all the trimmings.

ib said...

Great song. Kursaal Flyers were a great band too; well, "Little Does She Know", anyway. I quite like Essex, for some some reason. The people are largely all ok.