Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Taxing Times.

I'm current studying for tax exams, which, as you can imagine is a tad dull. There are some who undoubtedly get excited at the thought of Capital Gains Tax Rollover Relief but I can assure you that I am not one of them.

I have therefore been listening to a lot of music to lighten my drab day pouring over income tax calculations and here are just some of the tunes that have helped me get through the day.

Pocahaunted are from California and are a band I have only recently found out about. Bethany and Amanda produce a lovely floaty psychedelic ambient droney noise. Marvellous music to study to because there are no lyrics that interrupt the concentration. This track is called 'Ashes Is White'

I have also been playing the new album by the marvellous Swedish band Sad Day For Puppets to death. They are another in the long tradition of excellent Scandinavian indie pop bands. They hail from Stockholm and produce a lovely upbeat sound with vocals from Anna Ekhund that remind this listener of Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star fame.

This track is called 'Little Light'.

Both bands have Myspace pages and are well worth checking out.


Planet Mondo said...

Luscious stuff - can't beat a bit of scanda-pops. I got a myspace request from this lot last night - well worth a wallopThe say Highs and also this lot on Tunks label Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck

marmiteboy said...

MWML are great aren't they. Been one of my friends on Myspace for a good ole while. I'll check out The Say Highs.

ib said...

I like Pocahaunted a lot.

Good luck with those exams when they come, Marmite Boy. Given the current state of the economy, you may well have backed a long term winner in the professional stakes; I am useless when it comes to budgeting and understanding essential financial shit, so hats off to you!